Blessing a Bed

God of soft and safe spaces

Thank you for our bed.


Thank you for the giggles in the morning

As I pretend to “make” my daughter’s into the blankets

Drawing the sheets over their heads.


Thank you for the whoops and shouts as it

Is used as a playground or trampoline

As “five little monkeys” jump, and fall,

And jump again.


Thank you for the dolls and stuffed animals

That get carefully lined up and then

Tucked ever so gently under the blanket because

The girls are playing doctor and their

“Babies” are “sick”

and that’s how you take care of

Something you love.


Thank you for the evenings when we sink

Into its warm embrace, a child nestled

In the crook of each arm.


Thank you for the plaid flannel sheets

That make me think of Maine,

For the fleece blanket that my mother made

Which carries within it the smell of

Incense and lavender that was burned

The night before.


Thank you for the safe space

Where my daughters are fed,

Where we say evening prayer,

Where we whisper “I love you”.


Thank you, O God, for this bed

That holds each one of us safely as we slumber

As if in Your own hand.


Thank you for this intimate space

That is big enough

For all of us.


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